Contract Management Benchmarking 2021



Welcome to the Contract Management Benchmarking Survey

The Contract Management Benchmarking survey returns in 2021, for the tenth consecutive year.

The survey now includes over 500 discrete sets of results including many leading businesses and organisations who participated between 2011 and 2020.

CMB 2021 is now open for participants until 31st October 2021.

Participants have full access to all the benefits provided at no cost.

  • Password access to the Participant Zone,

  • Networking Events hosted by fellow participants across the UK,

  • Your own comprehensive benchmarking report, illustrating your results versus other participants across the three categories and nine elements of the CMB model,

  • Peer group benchmarks for specific sectors and groups.

All participant information and data provided is managed and stored on a confidential basis by SCMG who operate the survey. No one else has access to your information or results unless you choose to share them.





RBS commissioned the CMB initially as a project to benchmark their own contracts in 2010. This led to the CMB survey developed and run by SCMG for RBS from 2011 to 2016.

In 2017 RBS assigned ownership of the survey to SCMG who now manage and run the survey. This includes over 100, including many of the original, blue chip businesses and organisations per annum who participate in the survey.

RBS maintain close links with the survey including supporting the networking events and hosting the annual conference for survey participants.

Networking and sharing best practice with colleagues and peers in other sectors and industries.

Join the dedicated CMB LinkedIn Group to discuss issues directly with other participants.



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Participant Benefits

Individual participants receive a bespoke CMB report when the annual survey is completed. The report provides a benchmark score for each Category and Element in the model. Participants will see their own performance against the max / min and average scores for all participants.

Participants can also

  • Develop and share Case Studies,

  • Share Best Practice between the extensive network of senior participants and thought leaders in this area,

  • Access collateral and further material through the Participant Zone,

  • Participate in best practice meetings or one to one meetings with other participants.

The CMB Survey and contents are SCMG.
No further use of this material is permitted unless agreed in writing with SCMG.

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