Contract Management Benchmarking 2021




The CMB survey for 2021 is now open until the 31st October.

Terms and Conditions

The CMB survey is intended as a corporate benchmarking tool for businesses and organisations. The survey design reflects a client side perspective on managing contracts with contractors and suppliers.

The survey, associated events and working groups are provided by SCMG for the development of Best Practice benchmarking for the benefit of participating businesses and organisations.

  1. I am / we are completing this survey representing my business or organisation,

  2. I / we understand that our data and information will be submitted to, stored electronically and processed only by SCMG and be kept securely and remain confidential at all times on our behalf,

  3. I / we confirm and agree that our information and data can be held by SCMG for the stated purposes of the CMB survey,

  4. I / we confirm that our information and data is provided in good faith for its intended purpose only and is an accurate reflection of our current approach to Contract Management within our business or organisation,

  5. I / we will be provided with a bespoke benchmarking report in return for our participation which will include our own results against aggregated results for all participants,

  6. I / we understand that participation is voluntary and part of building and developing a best practice body of knowledge around Contract Management,

  7. I / we confirm that our business or organisation can be mentioned as a participant in the survey in related events, on the website or for the purposes of promoting the survey but our information will not be shared with any third party for any reason unless we agree otherwise,

  8. The outputs from the survey are provided in good faith, do not constitute advice or recommendations and no warranty is expressed or implied or liability accepted for any reason in any Reports provided,

  9. Participation in future networking events is subject to completion of the 2021 survey, availability and confirmation,

  10. Individual reports will be embargoed until the survey period is completed.


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The CMB Survey and contents are SCMG.
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